What Clients Are Saying





“I was thoroughly impressed by Amy’s very extensive knowledge of this most important topic (stress).  She reached out to this group of care-givers with compassion, empathy, humor and support==sharing many and varied solutions to be applied to the concerns of the participants.”

~Cynthia Drake, Caregiver Workshop Attendee
I enjoyed my coaching session with Amy and found it extremely rewarding. She was easy to speak to and made our conversation comfortable. I learned new strategies in order to decrease my stress and improve my communication skills with others. My life was in a good place prior to our meeting and now it’s even better. I will use these techniques that I’ve learned and apply them to all aspects of my life. I choose my own happiness and journey, but realize it starts from within!!!! Thank you Amy, for being you and the compassion you have for others.
~Kerri Miranda, Client
“From brain function, hydration and diet, coping skills, anger, depression and daily healthy practices to care for oneself first in order to be better prepared to care for a loved one, the workshop covered a wide swath.”
~Sarah Walker, Caregiver Workshop Attendee
“Each individual was able to express their emotions and unique situations as Amy deepened her connection to us.  I gained some valuable insights and new perspectives to use on a daily basis moving forward.”
~Mary Richards, Caregiver Workshop Attendee

“Speaking with Amy for a coaching session was a wonderful and productive experience. It was so easy to open up to her, dig deep, and share my blocks. But most importantly have her understand me. She combined our session with laughter, inspiration, challenges, and tools for me to practice. I can now not only recognize what I need to work on, but make progress with my goals. Thank you Amy for your guidance and support, my journey is now brighter because of you.”

~Melissa, Roots2WingsTransformations

“I already feel more confident and look forward to using my newly learned knowledge at home.  Amy is not only sharing/teaching us her well prepared knowledge to us, but she is also very, very, attractive.”

~Susimarie Swenson, Caregiver Workshop Attendee

“Practical information! Liked the way we completed small pieces and then ended up with a unified statement of motivation and willpower.”

~Ellen Larose, Littleton Regional Hospital Workshop Attendee

“This workshop helped to reinforce that for me, to be my best “me”.  I have to take time for me to de-stress to be better in life, work and care-giving.”

~Dale Gregory, Caregiver Workshop Attendee

“I saw Amy speak at my writing group and she was fantastic! Her visualization techniques really helped me with an upcoming pitch appointment that got me a request for my work, plus a request for project ideas that weren’t even finished yet! Thanks, Amy!”

~Clair Brett, Author

“I’ve attended a few of Amy’s live workshops. It was productive, and it felt good. I walked away with “nuggets” of important information about myself. I dug deep to reflect. I have some tools I can implement immediately! I look forward to taking Amy’s five week program where I can dig deeper. The stress rollercoaster is exhausting.”

~A.S., Professional Attendee

“It was informative and we all could connect well with one another and with the things we struggle with on a daily basis.  I truly enjoyed listening to other stories….it was comforting to me to know personally, other people who could attest to the same struggles that I have had in my life. In a sense where I wasn’t alone in these struggles.  I’m excited to have signed up for Amy’s five week coaching program! …we have so many more things to share with each other still to come…. I am excited to see what will unfold.”

~Christine, Meetup Attendee